Academic information

Student Records

    The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 as amended govern the release of information from the student’s permanent record. Federal law provides for the release of information to Tyndale International University personnel who have a legitimate educational interest or to certain government officials.
The student's academic file is the sole property of Tyndale International University, and student records are confidential. The University policy is to maintain the confidentiality of student academic records. The University will not release copies of documents of course work from other institutions attended. No one outside of the institution shall have access to, nor will the University disclose, any information from a student's academic records without the written consent of the student, except for the following: officials of other istitutions in which the student seeks to enroll, persons or organizations providing student financial aid, and accrediting agencies.  Furthermore, the University may disclose said information in compliance with a judicial order.

Student files will be kept for 5 years and transcripts will be kept indefinitely.

    Students have the right to inspect their own academic records during normal business hours. All requests for access to academic records shall be presented in writing to the Registrar's office. Students who believe that their academic records contain inaccurate or misleading information may discuss their concerns informally with the Registrar as well.

By TIU Team| JUNE 3, 2015 | Academics