Certificate of Ministry

8 weeks

Program Purpose

The Certificate of Ministry (C.Min.) program is to provide an introductory measure of biblical and ministrial training for individuals who have not yet determined to enter a full seminary degree program, but who nevertheless, wish to deepen their knowledge of God and His Word and grow in their ability to minister to others. This Certificate program is designed with two specific needs in mind. The first is for persons who seek a year of study in preparation for more effective lay involvement in the life of their local congregation. It also serves as a "trial year in seminary" for persons who wish to test their gifts and skills with a view toward further preparation for full-time Christian ministry.

Certificate Requirements/Time Limit

  1. Successfully complete 36 semester units of the following coursework with a cumulative minimum Grade Point Average of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale:

    1) Complete 24 semester units of common core courses

    2) Complete 12 semester units of unrestricted electives

  2. Complete all financial requirements

  3. File an application for intent to be certified with the university office 8 weeks prior to graduation to certify that all certificate requirements have been met.

  4. Complete certificate requirements within the time limit.

  5. Certificate of Ministry program must be completed within 2 years from the time the student commenced the first course, as a student, which applies to the requirements.

Course No/ Course Title Units/Hours

BI 201/ Old Testament Survey 3/45

BI 203/ New Testament Survey 3/45

BI 501/ Hermeneutics 3/45

CE 501/ Christian Ethics 3/45

CS 501/ Christian Counseling 3/45

ED 501/ Christian Education 3/45

ED 503/ Life and Teaching of Christ 3/45

HS 501/ History of the Scriptures 3/45

HS 503/ History of the Christian Doctrine 3/45

HS 516/ Church History Survey 3/45

Course No/ Course Title Units/Hours

MN 501/ Pastoral Ministry 3/45

MN 503/ Spiritual Worship 3/45

MN 507/ Spiritual Preaching 3/45

MN 511/ Church Polity 3/45

MN 513/ Church Administration and Leadership 3/45

MS 503/ World Christian Mission 3/45

TH 505/ Reformed Theology 3/45

TH 511/ Christian Apologetics 3/45

TH 513/ Christian Doctrine Survey 3/45

Unrestricted Electives

12 semester units

Certificate of Ministry (C.Min.) student will choose a minimum of 12 semester units of Unrestricted Electives from any of the following courses.

Course No/ Course Title Units/Hours

BI 551/ Principles of Bible Study 3/45

CS 551/ Marriage and Family Counseling 3/45 

ED 551/ Principles of Teaching 3/45

ED 553/ History of Christian Education 3/45

MN 553/ Ministry of Witness 3/45

MN 555/ Youth Ministry 3/45

MS 553/ Comparative World Religions 3/45

TH 555/ Westminster Standards 3/45

WP101/ Computer Word Processing 3/45