Master of Divinity (M.Div.)

8 weeks

Master of Divinity

The Master of Divinity degree is a professional degree which will equip graduates with the comprehensive graduate education necessary for becoming an ordained minister. This program is designed to provide the student with both the foundations in the Scriptures and Theology and to provide the skills for effective pastoral ministry within the local church. It will provide the foundation for further professional doctoral studies and is also designed to strengthen the student's personal spirituality and to refine skills for ministry. At the conclusion of this program the student should:

  1. Demonstrate a solid understanding of the Bible in its themes and structure.
  2. Demonstrate a thorough understanding of Christian theology.
  3. Have developed a foundation for leadership within Christian organizations
  4. Demonstrate an ability to communicate within a variety of settings.
  5. Articulate a Christian worldview for ministry.
  6. Demonstrate ability to exegete Biblical texts using both Biblical language skills and principles of interpretation
  7. Have developed an understanding of personal strengths and weaknesses for future development in pastoral ministry
  8. Have understanding of church pastoral ministry requirements.
  9. Have developed foundation for optional future professional development

Degree Requirements/ Time Limit

Successfully complete 96 semester units of the following coursework with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale include Complete 6 semester units of thesis and research project courses.

  1. Complete all financial requirements
  2. File an application for intent to graduate with the university office 8 weeks prior to graduation to certify that all graduation requirements have been met.
  3. Complete the degree requirements within the time limit.
  4. The Master of Divinity program must be completed within 6 years from the time the student commenced the first course, as a regular student, which applies to the degree requirements.


The Master of Divinity degree student will choose a minimum of 96 semester units of from any of the following courses include Complete 6 semester units of thesis and research project courses.

Course No/ Course Title Units/Hours

Old Testament (15 requried credits)

OT 501/ Hebrew I 3

OT 503/ Hebrew II 3

OT 505/ Hebrew III 3

OT 507/ Old Testament Theology 3

OT 509/ Pentateuch 3

OT 511/ Poetic Books 3

OT 513/ Major Prophets 3

OT 515/ Minor Prophets 3

New Testament (15 requried credits)

NT 501/ Greek I 3

NT 503/ Greek II 3

NT 505/ Greek III 3

NT 507/ New Testament Theology 3

NT 509/ Gospel of John 3

NT 511/ Acts 3

NT 513/ Romans 3

NT 515/ Pauline Epistles 3

NT 517/ General Epistles 3

NT 519/ Pastoral & Petrine Epistles 3

NT 521/ Book of Hebrews 3

NT 523/ Revelation 3

Systematic Theology (20 requried credits)

ST 501/ Theology Proper 3

ST 503/ Anthropology 3

ST 505/ Christology 3

ST 507/ Pneumatology 3

ST509/ Soteriology 3

ST 511/ Ecclesiology 3

ST 513/ Eschatology 3

ST 515/Apologetics 3

Historical Theology (12 requried credits)

HS 501/ History of the Christian Doctrine 3

HS 503/ History of Israel in O.T. 3

HS 505/ Intertestamental History 3

HS507/ Ancient Church History 3

HS 509/ Medieval Church History 3

HS 511/ History of the American Church 3

HS 513/ History of the Korean Church 3

Practical Theology (16 requried credits)

CS 501/ Biblical Truths in Counseling 3

CS 503/ Christian Counseling 3

CS 505/ Pastoral Counseling 3

ED 501/ Philosophy of Christian Education 3

ED 503/ Principles of Christian Education 3

MU 501/ Church Music 3

MU 503/ Hymnology 3

MS 501/ Cultural Anthropology 3

MS 503/ Missiology 3

MS 555/ History of Korean Mission 3

MN 501/ Pastoral Ministry 3

MN 557/PastoralInternship 3

CE 501/ Christian Ethics 3

MN 501/ Sermon Preparation 3

MN 503/ Church Administration 3

MN 505/ Constitution of Presby. Church 3

Bibilical Theology (6 requried credits)

BI 501/ Hermeneutics 3

BI 503/ Covenant Theology 3

BI 505/ Reformed Theology 3

BI 509/ Christianity and Cults 3

General Requirments (6 requried credits)

TH 701/ Westminster Standards 3

TH 703/ Calvin’s Institutes of Christian Religion 3

TH 705/ Heidelberg Catechism 3

Master’s Research Project

6 semester units

Students are required to complete a Master’s research project for Master’s degree in the form of a thesis and present it to the Master’s Research Evaluation Committee for approval during the student’s final semester at Tyndale International University. Candidates for the Master’s Research Project are required to enroll in the following preparation course work of master’s research project (MR 701) and writing a thesis as an original project (MR 703) under the guidance of a faculty member.

Course No/ Course Title Units/Hours

MR 701/ Master’s Research Project I-1 3

MR 703/ Master’s Research Project I-2 3